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Summary of the CSA Inquiry 2nd Meeting of Survivors & their Representatives on Friday 7th November 2014 at the Kia Oval

Charity, Inspire You Me & Us from Buckinghamshire, offering indefinite support through creative workshops to all survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) was invited to attend the second meeting of CSA survivors and their representatives. We were honoured to be invited to attend representing and speaking for survivors of child sexual abuse.

The charity is run by Directors and Co-Founders Elaine Hook and Jenny Tomlin from their offices in Chesham Buckinghamshire together with an extremely worthy educational outreach programme that specialises in teaching and training young people, staff, professionals and organisations in recognising the sign of all types and aspects of grooming and sexual exploitation. We also mentor and support young people that have experienced sexual exploitation by endeavouring to raise their own awareness of the processes associated with grooming, control and coercion together with silent seduction.
The atmosphere from the off at the meeting was welcoming and extremely accommodating; there were approximately 20 attendees representing a wide range of survivors and representative groups, plus the panel members which included Ben Emerson QC, Professor Alexis Jay, Simon Regis and David Jervis. A panel member sat at each table.

The secretariat welcomed all to the meeting and everyone in the room shared their backgrounds, concerns, stories and what they wished the inquiry to achieve. Four members of the secretariat together with all Panel members were taking notes.
It was stated emphatically that the object of the inquiry was to get to the truth, learn lessons and accountability. It was agreed survivors must feel they have a genuine stake in the process and this must be reflected in the work of the inquiry for survivors and victims.

It was stated that the panel are currently working as if the inquiry is a Statutory Inquiry in readiness for the incoming chair to request same.
It was stated the inquiry does not have to be chaired by a judge, it can be but does not have to be.

Ben Emerson QC, Simon Regis Solicitor to the inquiry and the chair will have high powers to call on all the documents they need.
It was clear that the entire panel and all attendees genuinely wanted to listen and take on the views of survivors.

There will be regional meetings for survivors to attend announced in the near future.
There will be regional meetings for representatives and experts to attend announced in the near future.

Ben Emerson QC assured the attendees that any prospective new chair will obviously now be vetted thoroughly.
The secretariat are already working on, and looking, at a variety of ways to obtain evidence. They are currently looking at, and interviewing, other serious inquiries and looking at how best current technology can be used to gather evidence. Witness statements/evidence will be used from past decades.

The Terms of Reference (TOR) are set by the Secretary of State; the methodology is set by the Panel. Inspire You Me Us CIC shared their own suggestions for TOR together with other paperwork.
It was explained that currently other devolved areas of the UK have not come forward to be part of the inquiry that is why it is currently only covering England and Wales. It is difficult to work in both a non-statutory or statutory inquiry with devolved governments if they do not cooperate or come forward. It is hoped as the inquiry begins that those groups will participate and come forward as individual’s evidence is called for or offered.

This inquiry is a huge challenge and is unprecedented and consequently hugely ambitious but it will go ahead and everyone in the room agreed that we all need to get behind the inquiry positively and make a difference for future children.
The outcome of this incredibly important inquiry needs to be effective and positive and we all now need to get behind those representing and working hard to make this happen.

You must email suggestions and ideas to: Please be assured your emails will be read and considered but you may not get a personal response due to the volume of correspondence.
You can email Inspire You Me Us CIC anonymously, marking your email CSAinquiry and we will pass your suggestions, concerns & stories on for you if that is helpful –

Future information will be emailed out to representatives for circulation; please be patient and watch social media for information and updates. As many voices as possible will be heard in this mammoth task and this will take time if we want the process to be carried out properly and positively.
The Children’s Commissioner is carrying out an inquiry into Abuse in the Family Environment (intrafamilial):

Are Children Better Protected from Sexual Abuse by Mandatory Reporting:
I must close with the following: the meeting was extremely positive, productive and responsive from all those attending. There was excellent team work, shared concerns, vision and outcomes from the inquiry. We should all get behind this enquiry in a professional manner and ensure the Panel hear from everyone that wishes to have a voice, they want to hear from you, so speak up and out to the email above or YOU CAN HAVE A VOICE

On behalf of Team Inspire

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  1. Many thanks for blogging about this - I have linked to it on my blog post about the first meeting.

  2. Thank you I am greatly encouraged by your report. I was now aware that the new Children's Commissioner Pre Appointment Hearing Commons Education Committee this week will head an Inquiry into crimes against children and a family environment. I hope this will be given more publicity
    Colin Smart

  3. @ianpace Thank you for your positive comment and linking it to your blog; it is an accurate reflection of the meeting which was extremely positive and with further hardwork gives everyone further hope. Working together we will make change and get answers ;0)

  4. @artman Thank you for your positive comment; yes there is also an inquiry re: intra-familial child abuse which is also a very positive move. Working together constructively, consistently and persistenly we will all make changes and get answers. Its so important we all speak up and out for those who cant ;0)